Bedroom Makeover

by E.H. Uminn

You know that one room in your house that always seems to be the catch-all room?  Where all the furniture or items that you don’t really know what to do with get dumped?  The door shuts and no one sees in.

We all have one, right?

Ours was the master bedroom.  Mainly because we live in a small space and we don’t have a spare bedroom or a basement to throw things in.  It was stressing me out.  The master bedroom doubles as an office since we don’t have a separate space for that.  Which is fine, but all the supplies took up space.  I would walk in and all I would think is, “Hey, there’s the printer.  There’s those ugly orange lamps I don’t like.  There’s the side table we can’t fit anywhere else but we don’t know what to do with.”

I believe a bedroom should be a sanctuary.  A room that is completely uncluttered and fresh.  A room I love to be in.

So now we are slowly going through the process of a bedroom redo, on a budget of course.  It really has been FUN to do together, because we have never taken the time to think about what we want our bedroom to look like, feel like, or include.

Our color scheme?


Seafoam and coral.

We started with stripping the room of everything we didn’t like, want, or forsee changing/repurposing in order to keep.

Next, we decided that we would pull in a lot of neutral and antique whites in order to offset the color scheme. I like the mix of whites in differing shades for added interest and texture.  This meant repainting the bookshelf (still on the to-do list!), getting white linens, nightstands, and lamps.

We used teal/seafoam throughout the room in order to achieve an overall grounded look.  Our sitting chair has teal and antique white/golds, we painted our headboard wall a seafoam color called Frosty Grass, and painted our desk a slight shade darker than the wall called April Thicket.

P.S.  I have no patience to stage a photo well.  Somebody please teach me… pillows need help!

Next step?  Adding in touches of coral and just slight hints of gold, as I have begun doing by painting some frames and hanging the decorative mirror above the bed.  One thing I’m trying to decide on though is the hardware that is dispersed throughout the room.  The metal framed mirror is a reddish/rusty, distressed brown, while the hardware on our desk and the lamp bases are brushed nickel looking.  The hardware pulls on the nightstands are a dull pewter.  I’m trying to decide if this is a faux pas to have so much different hardware colors, or if this gives the room a little more depth.  Hmmmm…..what do  you think?

(You can find the full desk revision here.)

I thought adding in the coral and details would be the fun, easy part but I’m actually finding it hard.  I am starting to be very picky and choosy about what goes in the room.  I can picture exactly what I want the room to look like but I can’t actually FIND the pieces I want.  I guess this is a good problem to have, seeing as how it makes me stop and really picture each choice in the room.  It also gets my mind flowing and when I can’t find what I want…..I start creating it myself.

One of the best things I’ve read when starting to redecorate a room or a home is from Centsational Girl on a purpose filled home.  Basically the gist of the article is to fill your home with things you love and mean something to you.  There is nothing more mundane and cold than walking into a home that seems like it came out of a catalogue, even your own home, if the pieces in the home don’t mean anything to the people living in it.  This concept speaks to me, being a minimalist at heart.  I would rather have next to nothing in my home if the few things we have hold memory and meaning versus filling it with mass-produced, big-box-store-junk.  It is also why I adore filling my home with pieces that we’ve recreated or refurbished, because there is a little bit of myself in each piece.

It goes without saying that this room is a work in progress.  I like to think of it like my canvas that I can add a little here and there as I’m struck with inspiration.  I really do think it helped to work in “layers”.  First, pulling in the neutral base, then adding the seafoam/teal layer, and then adding accent colors of coral and golds.  Now that I’ve got the layers working for me, I can add in artwork, picture frames, vases of flowers, whimsical shelving, etc.

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